Custom Paintings

Custom Paintings

There are so many reasons to commission a painting - an original landscape oil painting can be done in any size to suit you or the space in which it is to hang. Colour, form, and content can all be chosen and arranged to your requirements and there is a wonderful collaboration between commissioner and artist in the making of an individual and unique piece of work.

Perhaps you are moving house and want something to add to your new space or maybe you have changed decor and want an item to reflect you and your personality. It may be a gift for a special occasion such as an anniversary or wedding, or for a favourite place.​

I would love to speak to you about your next piece of art - it may be something as simple as a painting from a photograph of a holiday destination, or a more in-depth expression of your personality but whatever the reason I am always more than happy to chat about your ideas. There is no consultation cost so, even if your ideas don't materialise, you haven't spent anything and so can proceed with confidence. So, if you are looking for that certain special item, please get in touch.

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